Holy Basil for skin and hair care

Holy Basil for skin and hair care

Basil has been used for ages as a medicinal plant to treat cough and cold, fever, stomach upset, headaches. Here are the benefits of Holy Basil for skin and hair care.

Being one of the oldest herb you have known, basil has been used for ages as a medicinal plant to treat cough and cold, fever, stomach upset, headaches and hypertension. But did you know basil can become the root cause of your glam glow? Yes, basil works excellently as a natural skin purifier.

Most reputed skincare brands have warmly welcomed Holy Basil basil as a natural key ingredient in products like face wash, scrub, moisturizers, soap, cream, mask etc.  Just like basil adds flavor to Asian and Italian cuisine, it offers a wide spectrum of benefits for your skin and hair.

  • Deep moisturization

It can be challenging task to keep your skin smooth and moisturized during cold and dry weather. To avoid the hassle of moisturizing every now and then, you can always opt for basil infused moisturizers to smoothen out your skin and keep it hydrated for long hours. The moisture holding capacity of holy basil has also been utilized for producing conditioners. Basil can keep your hair strands smooth and moisturized for long hours.

  • Combats acne and oiliness

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of basil fits perfectly as a natural ingredients to treat nasty acnes and suck out the excess oil out of your skin. Enriched with antioxidants, basil naturally purifies your skin and give you a flawless face.

Moreover, basil infused shampoos do an excellent work to balance the oil on your scalp providing you silky hair. Basil contain bioactive components that can also sooth your skin and scalp to get rid of any itchiness.

  • Shields sun damage

According to latest research, basil contains factors that serves well as a natural sun protective ingredient to manufacture sunscreen. Basil infused facial creams offers you the deadly combo of moisturization and sun protection.

  • Fights signs of ageing

The environmental stressors make your skin grow older every single day. Packed with a variety of antioxidants, basil can combat the environmental stressor, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and delay the signs of ageing. The abundance of vitamins in basil contributes to the nourishment of skin to bring out natural healthy glow.

  • Treats dandruff

Basil has antifungal properties that can help you fight stubborn dandruff to provide you with clean, clear and heathy scalp. Moreover, basil infused shampoo can nourish your scalp and hair to leave you with a smoother, silky and lively hair.

Final Thoughts

Holy basil is a key component for the herbal retreat of your skin and hair.  It serves as an excellent plant-based ingredient for cosmetic, skin and hair care products. Frescia is a skincare brand that has launched 100% natural skin and hair care products by embracing the goodness of natural ingredients like basil, tea tree, cucumber, argan oil etc.

We are committed to produce nature-based products at the best value to make your skin and hand healthier with the opulence of natural ingredients. Every product is made from fresh hand-picked farm products and are absolutely cruelty free. Check out Frescia’s  wide range of products on our website.

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