Winter skin care regime for everyone!

winter skin care

When winter comes, it brings dryness, dandruff, cracking and other skin woes! Just like you stock your warm clothes for the winter, you must know what products to stock in to take care of your lovely skin. However, choosing the right products from the plethora of products can be a challenging job. To help you out, we have assimilated a skin care regime that everyone can follow to keep their skin as lively as the Christmas tree.
Don’t skip CTM!
Cleansing, toning, moisturizing is the core of skin care regime. Your skin bears several environmental stress like polluDon, dirt, harsh cold and dry weather every single day. You are not the only one who becomes lazy during the winter season always wishing to be cuddled in a soE warm blanket. But that does not mean you can skip the most important steps of your skin care regime.
Cleansing: Always wash your face with a suitable face wash. During the winter season, you skin becomes either too oily or extra dry. Choose a facewash that balances your sebum as well as treats your skin owes like acne. You can always go for a tea tree oil infused face wash to treat your acne. Look for ingredients like charcoal in your face wash if you have a oily skin. For dry skin type, check out face wash that contains cocoa to keep moisturize your skin even aEer cleansing.
Toning: I have noDced most people skip tonners and jump into moisturizing. DO NOT DO THAT! A tonner not only balances the pH level of your skin but also sucks out the dirt from your pores. If you have visible pores, using a tonner daily can shrink down your pores to leave you with a flawless skin. Cucumber toners are ideal for every skin type. However, if you have acne, go for a tea tree toner.
Moisturizing: In winters, the greatest problem for your skin is dryness. You must moisturize your skin with authenDc products that ensures long-lasDng moisture lock for your skin. Moisturizing loDons containing shea buSer are excellent to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for a long Dme. You can also opt for those having cocoa if you are chocolate lover. These moisturizers can significantly hydrate your skin and prevent it from cracking in the winter.
Using a good scrubber can help you to prevent skin woes like acne as well as prepares a good bed for your moisturizer to be absorbed. During winter, you must apply a gentle scrubber at least once a week to deeply clean your skin. Frescia’s chocolate and coconut scrub is an ideal choice for winter. It is gentle on skin yet ensures deep cleaning without drying out your skin. If you are struggling with acne, you can always opt for tea tree scrub to get rid off the dirty acnes forever.
Skin needs nourishment and nothing can be beSer than natural ingredients to provide your skin nourishment and repair your damaged cell. You can try kaolin mud mask to nourish and purify your skin. Moreover, you can try out facial creams containing Argan oil to treat your skin woes and bring out a natural glow on your skin. SelecDng the right product according to your skin problem can help you treat those problems.
Final Thoughts
Skin care regime varies from season to season, from skin to skin. We have tried to bring together some of the absolute essenDal steps of skin care that can help you keep your skin healthy amidst cold weather. Frescia is a skincare brand that offers you a wide range of skin care products craEed from 100% natural ingredients. Explore our products on our website and get in touch with us to get suggesDon for your skin care regime.

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