Best Top 10 Skincare essentials everyone should have in their collection

skincare essentials
Skincare has always been the hot talk among circles. With the plethora of skincare essentials from several brands, it can be a challenging task to choose what’s best for your skin. 
However, you must be aware of the skincare essentials that you cannot forget to have in your collection. Let’s take a quick look into the skincare essentials and suggestion of natural products that fits perfectly into your skincare regime.
  1. Face wash for regular use

Our skin has to deal with pollution, dirt and stress every day leaving it to be dull and tired at the end of the day. The best solution to get rid of the dullness, pollution and dirt is washing your face with a suitable face wash everyday. You must choose your face wash according to your skin type.

For instance, if you have dry skin, you must opt for Frescia’s chocolate coffee face wash as it cleans out all the dirt and oiliness as well as locks some moisture into the skin to prevent it from drying out or cracking.

  1. Face scrub for weekly deep cleansing

Even regular use of face wash cannot prevent accumulation of dirt in your skin pores and sometimes the production of a layer of dead skin cell. Therefore, face scrub is a skincare essential that you must not miss out from your collection. While choosing the face scrub, make sure that it is compatible to your skin type and the scrub particle are not too big or harsh on your skin. Always opt for gentle face scrubs like Frescia’s chocolate and coffee face scrub or tea tree neem anti acne face scrub.

tea tree neem face scrub benefit
  1. Anti-acne kit to fight breakouts

It is undeniable that the nasty acne can breakout at any moment and destroy your plans in seconds. If you have acne-prone, oily or sensitive skin, you must be prepared with your skin essentials whenever the tiny thing pops out on your face. It is better to be equipped with an anti-acne kit which you may or may not use all year round but will surely be your savior whenever there is appearance of the skin villain. Tea tree and neem are the two most effective natural ingredients that can help you get rid of acne. Frescia’s tea tree & neem face wash and face scrub are ideal components in your anti-acne kit. These natural skincare products can treat your acne without the risk of spreading it all over your face.

tea tree neem face wash Skin Regime
  1. Cucumber toner for all seasons

Toner is one of the skincare essentials that you must not miss out in your collection. What’s better than cucumber toner? It is absolutely natural and any skin type can use it. Moreover, it can be used all year round. Facial toners are great choice if you want to shrink the visible pores on your skin and make your skin more youthful by shooing away fine lines and wrinkles. Frescia has recently launched cucumber toner which is 100% natural and safe for skin.

cucumber toner benefit
  1. Moisturizing cream to hydrate your skin

No one loves to have dull skin. You can surely bring your natural glow just by keeping your skin well hydrated with suitable moisturizer. Moisturizers are definitely something that you will dare to miss out in your skincare collection. Some people have the misconception that oily skin does not require moisturizing. Did you know that not applying moisturizer may enhance the sebum secretion giving you a glow ball face? Yes. So, no matter what skin type category you are in, get yourself a suitable moisturizer that moisturizes your skin and also treat skin woes like acne, blemish, ageing etc. Argan oil has come out in the limelight as a luxurious skincare ingredient that can help you get flawless skin. Frescia’s argan oil cream is the perfect pick as the moisturizer in your collection of skincare essentials.

  1. Weekly face mask to rejuvenate your skin

Most of us go to Saloon and spend hefty to treat our skin with some rejuvenation. But have you considered comforting your skin at home? Facial masks are the absolute go for treating your skin with weekly rejuvenation. Get yourself a pack of suitable face mask or make it at home with kitchen ingredients like turmeric, curd, honey etc. If you are opting for a commercial face masks, make sure to check out the ingredients. Frescia’s Kaolin mud mask is one of the natural face masks that ensures you healthier skin as it is devoid of any harmful chemicals like paraben, alcohol, SLS etc.

  1. Body shower gel and scrub to ensure better care for your skin

While most of us are more focused on our face, do you not think our hands and legs deserve the same care? In fact, when talking about skincare essentials, we must not forget about body care. While most soaps have harsh chemicals that dry out our skin after every wash, it is wiser to switch to moisturizing body shower gel. Just washing your skin with shower gel is not enough, you must get rid of dead skins and dirt stuck into your pores with weekly body scrubbing. If you have been inclined to natural body care products, Frescia has launched its  Basil & tea tree shower gel along with tea tree body scrub to make your bathing session more delightful.

  1. Body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and youthful

Just like moisturizing your face, your hand, legs and body needs moisturizing. You must opt for moisturizers in form of lotions that can hold the moisturizer for longer period so that you do not need to take the headache of reapplying it every now and then. Frescia’s argan oil lotion has been formulated with pure argan oil to ensure you have hydrated skin for almost 24 hours without reapplying.


The Bottom Line

Skincare essentials must be chosen carefully and must be used dedicatedly to experience the amazing result. Having a collection of customized skincare essentials help you enjoy healthier skin for the long run. Click here and get awesome deals of Frescia. Read more about skincare gift sets we must have for every occassion.

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