6 Skincare Gift set Appropriate for Every Occasion!

skincare gift set

Women are more possessive about their skin than any other thing in the World. They just have to look beautiful and thus they buy skincare gift set which would make their skin beauty-friendly and yet turn their charming side on.

Well, occasions are always there in everyone’s life and to attend those occasions the foremost thing is just to look beautiful and charming throughout. To get that glow and spark to your skin, Frescia has come up with a variety of kits that will soothe your skin and give you an impactful smooth look.

Also, if you are looking for some kind of gift sets to gift someone on their special day then these are the best fits. It has a variety of different products and all the products are so impressive that you might want to buy them all.

So, are you looking for Gift-sets which are appropriate for any occasion?

You have visited the right place.

Gifting skincare gift set to the one getting married in a couple of days or to the newlywed’s bride would surely bring a sweet smile to their face.

skincare gift set

Not only this, skincare gift set looks the best to gift as they look Royal and Lavish and their packaging impresses everyone.

Now let’s have a look at different Skincare gift set, especially designed by Frescia which look apt for almost every occasion.

Let’s Get Started!

1.     Tea Tree Pro Care

tea tree pro care

The Tea Tree Pro care kit combo provides you with a complete range of body and hair care routines which is bestowed with the extracts of real tea tree oil. This kit is entirely handcrafted with care and it looks the best fit for gifting purposes. Not only this, this gift-set kit is an amazing choice for those looking for healthy and refreshing-looking skin and hairs. Read more about the benefits of tea tree body scrub.

This skincare kit not just has skincare products but also has some cute looking handcrafted freebies along with it in the form of Mahogany Bowl, seeds pack, and jute pouch that has a collection of a unique range and special products made with love just for you.

The contents present inside the Kit:

2.     Tea Tree Refresh Regime

Tea Tree Refresh Regime

Just Like the Tea Tree pro care skincare gift set, Tea Tree Refresh The regime is another kit that has a blend of Neem extracts. It is enriched with the extracts of neem and tea tree which is the best mixture to be applied to the skin which is going through acne and pimples. As the neem extracts provide the cool-down technique to the face it is the perfect gifting option for a healthy skincare routine. Along with it, it also has handmade freebies like Mahogany Bowl, Seeds packs as well as Jute Pouch which makes it unique from other brand products and makes you feel special.

Contents which are inside the kit:

3.     Rejuvenating Regime

rejuvenating regime

Frescia has introduced an all-new Rejuvenating Regime skincare gift set which has face and body care products within itself. This kit can be detoxifying for skin and also revives the freshness for the skin for long hours. The Kaolin clay mask has cooling agents within itself so it is the prime product of this kit. Along with it, it has freebies that are handcrafted with love and care such as Seeds pack, jute pouch, and Mahogany Bowl which makes it a unique collection than any other brand.

The products which are included in the kit are:

4.     Argan Oil Pro Care

argan oil pro care

Frescia has freshly launched its exclusive range of Argan Oil Pro care skincare gift set in which there is a huge range of hair and body care kits extracted purely from Argan Oil. Not only this, it is freshly made by hand and packed with love and delivered to you with care. They also give multiple freebies like Jute Pouch, Mahogany Bowl, and seeds pack come in with the premium range of products which turns it into a unique product.

Products available inside the package:

5.     Daily Refresh Pro Care Kit

Daily Refresh Pro Care

If you want a kit for your normal day-care routine then this kit is the best choice for you.

Products that are available inside the kit:

6.     Daily Detox Glow Kit

daily detox glow kit

Daily detox glow kit is an exclusive range of skincare gift set including face care which is made with the goodness extracts of all the botanical oils.

Products that are available inside the pack:

7.     Choose Your Products Kit

Frescia has come up with an exciting offer which states that customers can buy up to any 5 products of their choice and can avail brilliant offers like Flat Rs. 499 off on purchase of minimum order and exciting discounts.

Another offer states that if you buy 3 you get 1 free, Get 15% off on the purchase of a minimum bill. Keep an eye on out Website to avail numerous lucrative offers. It is never too late to switch to natural skin and haircare products to enjoy a healthier skin and hair tomorrow. 

Read more about benefits of botanical oils, Coffee for skincare the magical bean for skin.

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